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Leading Ladies

“I only roll with Goddesses…”

The State of Grace has created a heavenly array of I’m on fire dresses for the Red Carpet Moment.

Created to caress and impress, the endless possibilities that ensure you look breath-taking and like no one else await you…

Finally have the perfect dress you have dreamed of designed and made especially for you – your cut, your colour, your style.

And feel like the Goddess you are.

If you have an important occasion coming up, please contact info@thestateofgrace.com with a few details about your event and we’ll call you for a no-obligation phone consultation to find out and share more.

Styled By …

“Fashion Says ‘Me Too’ Style Says ‘Only Me’”

Lucia Silver, the Founder and Creative Design Director of The State of Grace has a long, illustrious career in fashion styling and wedding styling for high profile clients and celebrities.Read more >


– Mothers Dressed in Lucia’s Fashions

“I am a Strong Woman because a Strong Woman raised Me”

This is a shout out for all the gorgeous ladies including mothers of the bride and groom who feel frustrated by a less than exciting offering out there and would like something with a bit of sass, flair and elegance to wear for the big day.

Eschew the high street’s insipid two piece pastel offering for ladies of a certain age and let’s hear your roar.

Lucia can dress and style you from head to toe from her couture collection or she can add some Hollywood glamour to your outfit from The Adornment Collection – a selection of bejewelled capes, beaded & embroidered jackets, fantastic hair adornment and statement vintage and modern jewellery.

Click here to visit our Adornment Collection


“If You Can Make A Girl Laugh, You Can Make Her Do Anything”

- Marilyn Monroe

Be inspired by The State of Grace’s couture collection for your beautiful bridesmaids.

The gowns will be made to measure for each bridesmaid so that they fit, flatter and flow to perfectly complement your wedding dress.

The dresses can each have a unique detail, embellishment or accessory created especially to suit each bridesmaid – a piece of jewellery, a belt, some hair adornment, a shrug or cape…

With Lucia and The State of Grace teams’ expert design and styling, your whole bridal party will descend from heaven looking divine…

For some sparkling ideas, visit the Adornment Collection

Thank You Gifts

“Amazing Things Happen When Women Help Other Women”

Gratitude is everything and we all know there are some very special leading ladies in our lives without whom our special moment, our wedding day and much more would not be possible.

A gift, specially chosen from “The Adornment Collection” can be given and then worn as part of her wedding outfit – be it a head-dress, a sparkling cape or an exquisite piece of jewellery.

We can work with you to get this present just right for her and we encourage you to bring your wondrous woman to the showroom, so that the piece can be personally styled to them and to your wedding.

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