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The unique concept of The L Boutique

From Shopping Hell to Heavenly L

The L Boutique is a place where you can both satisfy your wardrobe list and cure your personal styling crises for good. Located in the heart of Notting Hill’s “boutiquesville” at 28 Chepstow Place, just off Westbourne Grove, it is a shop, a design and manufacturing team, and a personal stylist all rolled into one. Everything that The L Boutique offers is made and designed exclusively by glamorous owner Lucia Silver and her team to meet the personal needs and lifestyle of its clients. And for those tired of ‘snap syndrome’ – bumping into someone else wearing the same dress, necklace or hat, Lucia’s shop guarantees you an entirely individual, made to measure look. The boutique is divided into two distinct areas. The ground floor is a feast for the senses (described by Vogue as ‘a sumptuous Parisian atelier’), specialising in all kinds of accessories to adorn a basic wardrobe or outfit. It is brimming with lavish jewellery, sumptuous throws, silk, velvet and Chinese jackets, satin kimonos, organza and chiffon evening coats, exotic corsage and spectacular hair pieces with whimsical butterflies, feathers and romantic flowers. “Fashion ornaments are a way of being resourceful with your basic wardrobe,” says Lucia. “They are also a fabulous way of transforming and individualising a simple garment….

Much of our inspiration has been drawn from the wonderfully profligate luxury that women returned to after the first World War. Having begun to attain freedom, the women of the early 20s compensated for the simplicity of cut with luxurious detail and layering with fringes, jewellery, beading, embroidery and lavish passementerie.”

The other gem that Lucia offers on the ground floor is a huge colour range of elegant silk satin separates which include palazzo trousers, camisole tops, 30s style butterfly tops, fluted skirts and slip dresses. “Realistically, as much as we women love a stunning gown, we all know it has a very short life span and limited usage,” she says. “It is far more resourceful to invest in unique accessories such as exquisite jewellery or a vintage shawl that won’t lose value or go out of fashion. “This is where Lucia and her team offer guidance on the best way to adapt and individualise your, or their, elegant basics. Chosen by the Financial Times as its “Cult Shop” this year and donned with the title ‘arbiter of feminine chic’, it is hardly surprising that Lucia and her team are in strong demand for their appointment- only styling service on the second floor, where they work on anything from brides (but not conventional ones) to full wardrobe make-overs to high profile events.

Here every item can be custom made from hand embroidered boots and silk separates through to ‘vintage rassamblage’ jewellery. Lucia also makes home visits, a great boon for her time-pressured clients who range from busy mothers and high powered executives to celebrities such as Jerry Hall and Anne Widdecombe. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s time to review your ‘look’ and define a new style or you’re exasperated at the ‘samey’ selection of items and looking like everyone else, then The L Boutique is a great place to start afresh for 2003.

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