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The Times Article

Lisa Armstrong on The L Boutique as a great source for glamorous silk dresses

Viva the Biba-Esque

Another excellent source of non-sparkly but glamorous dresses is Lucia Silver’s L Boutique in Notting Hill, which has lovely bias-cut silk-satin dresses reminiscent of the slinky gowns worn in The Aviator, Martin Scorcese’s new biopic of Howard Hughes, which is bound to have a big impact on fashion. L Boutique’s dresses can be ordered in scores of colours. They come with a choice of neckline and sleeve options, and can be customised with the coordinating corsages, jewellery and hair accessories that Silver also designs. These dresses aren’t especially cheap, at a starting price of £325, but nor are they outrageous; and since you can add and subtract detachable accessories, they’re extremely versatile.

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