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The Couture Journey

"God created woman to tame Man"

- Voltaire

Courtship – Typically the start of The State of Grace Experience will begin with an informal telephone conversation between Lucia Silver, the Creative Design Director and the client or bride to be.

Scene Setting – We will then send you an optional brief to complete that allows us to understand you, your style, your venue and your dreams for the day as well as any ideas you may already have for your dress and accessories.

Invitation – You are then invited to have a private consultation at The State of Grace’s showroom. Here you will meet with Lucia and see her designs brought to life, as well as the opportunity to experience the look, feel and presence of the dresses when you try them on!

The First Date – The personal consultation process then assists us with the brief. How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? What features do you want to accentuate? (and what would you rather hide?)


Lucia will guide you through the design process, all the time being mindful of your shape, your styling and your vision.


After the initial consultation, the first hand drawn sketches are produced for you.  Then, based on the sketches and further discussion, a toile is produced of your dress. This is a test garment so that the design can be perfected and fitted to you precisely. This is where it comes to life. At this stage we can also refine the embellishment and details that will take your bespoke gown from design to divine.


The next time you return you will see your individual wedding gown which will be tailored to you to fit, flatter and feature. At this stage you will also need your shoes so that we can get the length of the dress just right.


There will be one final fitting where we ensure that everything is ready so that you can say ‘I Do’. As our gift to you we will give you the original signed sketch of your dress.

We want you to enjoy the journey so please feel free to invite someone special along to join you. Lucia designs for the red carpet too so can also create the a showstopper of an evening dress should you wish to do a Meghan Markle and slip into a different outfit for the evening’s entertainment.

Loving Craftmanship

"There is no Magic in Magic. It's all in the Details"

- Walt Disney

What is it that elevates a gown from fine to divine?

We believe it is the heartfelt time and scrupulous attention to every detail that sets great craftsmanship apart.

The State of Grace celebrates the best of British Bespoke. An intricate and intimate understanding of the client for whom a design is being created, right through to precise measurements, skilled patterning, fine hand sewing, delicate bead and embroidery work, is married to the world’s finest fabrics and silks and an abundance of passion, sensitivity and flair.

This is what we love to do and there is no greater privilege than to be purposeful in Life pursuing what makes your heart sing…

“I believe that the Goddess is in the Detail” Lucia Silver

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