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“Nakedness makes us democratic. Adornment makes us individuals.”

Hello Queens,

Thank you for taking a moment with us to enjoy the adventures of Adornment.

After over a decade in fashion and designing for individual women, I have watched and listened to them with fascination and admiration. I have learnt about their vulnerabilities and needs; their extraordinary resilience and courage and more than anything seen how the real opportunity that fashion can offer is not to dictate and prescribe, but instead to facilitate joyful, bold and liberated individual expression.

I have styled and designed for a wonder-ful breadth of womanhood – from supermodels and supermums to celebs, high-flying execs and stay-at-homes. I see that virtually all women feel busy. Life is demanding enough, so being able to dress effortlessly and dramatically transform to feel at your best, is key. Fashion should be playful after all. At the most practical level, woman often look for items that transform more sartorially subdued daywear to strikingly sassy evening wear, or that provide some demure cover or warmth when its chilly. We pay homage to the LBD (little black dress) and yet there is no dedicated overwear collection? I have received countless calls from clients about to be in the spotlight, panicking because they have forgotten that they might need cover.

Well here it is finally…

The Most Brilliantly Practical Cover Story- since the Little Black Dress. The first dedicated collection of statement overwear from The State of Grace Couture House. The first of its kind, all designed with the greatest attention to detail. There is something for everyone; from fluid kimonos and kaftans to tailored jackets, shrugs, capes and tabards.

Handmade and exquisitely crafted from luxurious fabrics, an ethically conscious spirit and a whole lot of love and care.

The Adornment Collection

…Transform your ordinaries and feel Extraordinary

“Lucia is a modern day alchemist responsible for miraculously transforming women”

I want to play a part in championing the true power and compassionate grace of the Female. We are here to take back our crowns and be audacious sovereigns of ourselves. To unleash our fearless radiance and live with unapologetic

T = Truth

A = Audacity 

C = Compassion

The Adornment Collection would not be possible without the TAC Tribe of Badass Babes. They are talented, driven and kind. They are wild wrapped in fragile; fragile wrapped in wild; awakened not worthy and more than anything they’ve championed this vision and love letter to women and had my back from the start.

Each piece in the collection has been named after just such firepower, warrior, wholeheartedly fierce, kind, trailblazing women.

With tribe power, we are truly Unfuckwithable.


Wear TAC and remember you’re a Queen.

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